Services ProvenGain offers in San Ramon, California include:

san ramon business coaching

1:1 business coaching

We should leave one on one business coaching to professional business coaches. They should be trained and certified as such. They should also have experience in starting, leading, running, managing, as well as, buying and selling businesses. A business coach is a trained generalist who will show you how to focus and set manageable goals, and help you develop effective marketing strategies and effective short and long term planning. You will learn how to be more creative in business and make better and well informed strategic decisions. The more experience your coach brings to the table the more prepared you will be to have a successful and fun business.

90 Day Planning

Having a 90 day plan for an organization is critical. If you don’t know the strategies and tactics needed to be successful in the next 90 days how will you create a successful environment for the next 6, 9, or even 12 months. To compete today you need to show fast and highly visible success to our entire team. As the owner and CEO you are the leader and set this tone. To do that well you must be thoughtful and decisive and it takes planning to do that. Creating a 90 day plan will help your entire company get on the same page and accomplish your goals much faster. When we all pull in the same direction, business is greater than the sum of its parts. That is true synergy.

Mastermind Master Class Training

The idea of the mastermind was inspired by author Napoleon Hill in his classic, 1937 book, “Think and Grow Rich”. What he realized is that as you analyze success at the highest levels the entrepreneurs know that they did not get to the top on their own. The have like surrounded themselves with peers and mentors that may have ‘been there and done that’. In the Mastermind Master Class Training you will be able to give as much as you give. Helping others with great ideas and solutions as you solve and create for yourself. This is the experience to give back and grow yourself and your company while you do it. You become part of your peer groups inner circle and the round out yours.

Value Builder Program

The Value Builder Program starts with getting your Value Builder Score. This 13 minute assessment will help you discover how to take your business to the next level and prepare you and your business for your best future. The top things you will discover are: how to create a business that works without you, how to look at your business from the outside (through the eyes of an acquirer, how to identify and eliminate the things that may be dragging your business down, and increase the revenue, profit and value of your company. When this happens your cash flow, life flow, and the fun flow will increase as well.


One of the aspects of the PREScore assessment is Structuring Flexibility. Here we need to determine what is your bottom line and how much is your company worth to you? An awesome exit will have some fundamental financial questions to be considered. Your willingness to consider all the business exit possibilities will make your exit easier and more likely to happen. As entrepreneurs and business owners we envision a suitor writing us a giant check so that we can sail off into the sunset. This however, hardly ever happens. You should keep your options open and be as flexible as you can. Our goal is to have multiple buyers interested, increasing competition, better deals which lead to a better company exit and outcome for you and your family.

8 Drivers of Business Value

There are eight drivers of business value that acquirers use to judge the value of your business. When we drill down into each of them, we discover strengths and weaknesses in our business that we can work on to make our businesses easier to run and more valuable. With all of the work we have put in to our business to date it makes sense to try to double its value when it is time to leave and start our ideal life. When you increase your score above 80 out of 100 we have found that your business value increases by 71%. This is probably a better return than you are getting from your stock portfolio or even your home in the last couple of years. It is time to make a commitment to do this for your business, right now.

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