martinez business coaching

Services ProvenGain offers in Martinez, California include:

1:1 business coaching

Qualified and certified business coaches are able to guide frustrated company owners. In fact, that is what committed business coaches do best. By coaching an array of companies there is hardly any problem that you may face that is unable to be solved. This is true in hard time and good and even recessions or pandemics. When you invest in a business coach your investment will definitely pay off. High level business coaches will guarantee success. Our customers experience an 8 to 10 times ROI. Typically within 12 to 15 months.

90 Day Planning

90 day planning will give you the clarity and focus to cause your decisions to be easier to make. These quicker decisions will lead to even greater success. Planning how to get from A to B will be easier to see. Often times the act of planning will help you leverage your efforts to a higher level of achievement. What they say is that if you do not like the results you are getting with your current plan then you need a new one. That is the only way you can grow your company confidently and continuously.

Mastermind Master Class Training

People have been working for mutual benefit since time began. The process of creating a peer mastermind master class simply gives a focus and framework for adding the support necessary on an ongoing basis. A well run class will make sure you achieve stronger results for several reasons. The group supports accountability and continuity of what you are learning in your day to day lives. Here you will be giving and receiving expertise, experience, and encouragement to cause massive action. All while reducing overwhelm and headaches often felt by the business leaders.

Value Builder Program

Are you looking for more freedom or do you see yourself being bought out by an industry giant? Well, either way you have come to the right place. The Value Builder Program is designed to help you discover how your business is doing now and how much it is currently worth to an acquirer. You will also learn what may be the best suitor for your company. We also help you improve your company value over the next 12 to 24 months so that whenever you are ready to be done with your business you can be. If you have no plans to sell your business anytime soon, that’s ok too. The program will help you increase your cash flow (you take home pay) while you are working less in your business. Won’t that be fun!!


How will you re-invent your life after you sell your business? The PREScore assessment is designed to help you discover the five essential questions you must answer before exiting your business. Eventually, everyone will exit their business. Either with or without our consent. Whether you plan to ever leave your business within a year or two, or even 20 years from now, it makes sense to think about creating your ‘ideal life’ and be prepared for whatever happens. Take control of your next adventure.

Freedom Point

Are you ready to be free? Most of us find that freedom is hardwired into our psyche. Instead of running your own business you could have chosen to have a job, title, salary, and benefits. Well you decided to take the road less traveled and you may wonder something. What does it take for me to reach my freedom point? At what point can I leave my business having created an awesome asset and do what I want whenever I want. Once you are past your freedom point there is actually more risk in continuing to keep your business. Let’s find out if you are there now or need to build a bit more to get there.

8 Drivers of Business Value

Your Value Builder Score is determined from your businesses performance on the eight conditions that drive the value of your company:

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