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pleasanton business coaching

1:1 business coaching

What is business coaching and what does a business coach do for me? To start with we probably started our company because we knew we could do it better than the company we worked for. We may have been asked to do things that seemed irrelevant or just plain wrong. We wanted to achieve massive results and our ‘bosses’ did not seem to have any better ideas to do so. Now that we are on our own, we might be able to get some help from others that have ‘been there and done that’. That is what your business coach is here to help with:

One on One business coaching will increase your chance of hitting your goals and getting there much faster than you ever thought possible.

90 Day Planning

Without a 90 day plan, you are entering the market with no more than a foggy idea of where you will end up. The good news is that if you do have a strong 90 day plan you are already way ahead of your competition. I have heard it said that “a person spends more time planning a two week vacation than they do planning their life.” And, I have seen it play out more times than you could imagine.

Why are you in a special category if you actually spend time 90 day planning and writing those plans down? Well according to a Harvard study some time ago, only 3% of business owners have a written plan. And that 3% end up owning 97% of the wealth in this country. Isn’t it time to join them?

Mastermind Master Class Training

High achievers set high goals for themselves. The Mastermind Master Class Training will help you turn those goals into reality. It helps you by putting together a group of like-minded people to cheer you on and share their experiences with you. You get to benefit from other experiences rather than just finding out all by yourself.

As an entrepreneur, your boss has changed. You are now responsible for yourself, your family, your employees, your customers and your community. (Oh for the days when you only had one boss.) Each of these folks would probably help you if they could but are not likely to have any stories, data or track record to draw on. In the Mastermind Master Class Training you have folks that care, are knowledgeable and are eager to help. Each of them may hold you more accountable to getting things done than you hold yourself. Your business success will come much sooner than you thought possible.

Value Builder Program

All business owners will leave their business one way or another. If you have a plan you will be ready in either case. Don’t leave it up to chance. Once you take your Value Builder Assessment you will have an idea of which of the 8 Drivers of Business Value you should focus on. And, how your focus will affect both the number of acquirers are interested in your business and how much they are willing to pay. These drivers are statistically proven to improve your company value. In fact, we have found that by increasing your current score up to above 80 out of 100 will give you an average of 71% increase in company value. This means that whenever it is time to leave your business, you will leave with a sellable company and one that pays you more money.


The Value Builder Score and Program will tell us when your business has reached the freedom point you are looking for. The PREScore assessment will let us know whether you, as an individual, are Personally Ready to Exit. In this assessment we look at four (4) factors.

If you are not totally ready now, it may be time to get started. You don’t want to become the 75% statistic of business owners that are unhappy one year after exit.

Freedom Point

Believe it or not there is life after you are done as a business owner and CEO. In just about 10 minutes, you can know if you have the financial readiness to live your ideal life. Your Freedom Score will help you know when all the blood, sweat and tears in your business will finally pay off. Selling your business may be far in the future, but wouldn’t it make sense to know what it needs to look like for you to have “arrived”. Once you are past the point where you can live financially independent you are adding to the risk that that may never happen. In the last several years we have seen ‘black swans’ in the economy that have taken down once thriving businesses. Don’t end up a statistic. When you have “arrived” think about taking chips off the table and live your dreams.

8 Drivers of Business Value

Analyzing the 8 Drivers of Business Value will put a stake in the ground for where you are now and where you would like to be. The analysis will take a look at:

You and your business coach will work together to get you from where you are now to above the 80 out of 100 level. Statistically speaking, once there, your business value will increase by 71%. This is likely to be faster than any other investment you have.

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