Services ProvenGain offers in Pleasant Hill, California include:

pleasant hill business coaching

1:1 business coaching

How can one to one business coaching help you? Of course it depends on the business owner or CEO and the business itself. One aspect is discipline. It is often easy (without a BOSS) to postpone critical tasks. These are often those items that are very important but not urgent like planning and learning. A coach will also help you develop your ideas and give you some new ones to think about. You may be stuck using the same strategies year after year. Your business coach will give you some new ones to think about and implement. Your business coach is connected and can help you find the special resources you may need. And lastly, sometimes we are so close to the business it is hard to see the ‘forest for the trees’. Your business coach has a unique outside perspective that can help you gain clarity in the business.

90 Day Planning

What is 90 day planning and how will it help you? Every 90 days we get together and renew our focus, energy and vision. Most business owners have some idea about what they want to attempt but only a small percentage actually take the time and WRITE IT DOWN. If you want your business to arrive to a place where it is easier, more lucrative and easier or ready to sell, planning critical. Your plan will be easier to implement, increase your momentum and get you and your business moving in the right direction. Folks that take the time to get together also learn that other business owners have or have had similar issues and are eager to solve them and help you too. This is one of the best ways to take your business to the next level.

Mastermind Master Class Training

Many business owners, athletes and entertainers have mentors to help show them the way. Those successful individuals at the highest levels did not go it alone. This is where the mastermind master class training comes in. Life is a team effort and a small group is a great place to start to better yourself. As Tony Robbins once said, “The quality of a person’s life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.” Mastermind master class training is where you are able to discover how your peers have solved issues and learn some new things along the way. Members hold each other accountable for the goals and dreams. This is a great way to reach the highest level of success.

Value Builder Program

There is nothing more strategic than learning how to build and then harvest the value of your business. Your love for your business will become deeper, richer, and more meaningful as you build the value of your company. Learn how to grow and finance that growth. Discover what it takes for you to compete in the marketplace for top dollar. Learn what is holding you back and break through those barriers. Our proven process will help increase your businesses worth, while getting the business to run without you. Get your business where you have always wanted to be in 12 to 24 months.


What adjustments are you ready to make should your exit plans take a turn for the worse? PREScore is an assessment that helps you understand your Personal Readiness to exit. There are 4 drivers to get you prepared for a satisfying exit. The one of the drivers is future vision. Many owners are pushed out of the business but the happiest exits happen when there are also plenty of push factors. Need to retire or health issues may push you out. Determining what you would like to do next may be the pull you need to love the next phase of your life. Get you the life you always dreamed of.

Freedom Point

Over time your business becomes more and more of your net worth. At some point, going to your next phase may make the most sense. When is that? Well, that is the freedom point and the assessment will help you know when. The freedom point is the time in your life when you can live the rest of your life, carefree. At this point there is no reason, no financial reason, to continue owning your business. You may like the challenge, your team, and the fun of building but at some point the risk may be too much. You need to know, definitively, when that time arrives for you. The freedom score will do that.

8 Drivers of Business Value

We have a statistically proven way to increase the value of your company by as much as 71%. Through an analysis of 6,955 businesses, we’ve have found that companies that achieve a Value Builder Score of 80+ out of a possible 100 receive offers to buy their company that are 71% higher than what the average company gets. We look at the 8 drivers of business value to arrive at this result. This business increase is probably much higher than the growth of you stocks and bond portfolio and even your real estate holdings. Find out how to make it happen now.

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