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danville business coaching

1:1 business coaching

CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies have been using business coaches for years. The CEOs of Google, Home Depot and even PG&E have had a business coaches for decades. Now, owners of small and medium sized businesses are getting in the act and their business are reaping the benefits. They are finding that their investment is paying off. Often getting an 8 to 10x return on that investment.

We all perform better when we have a quality mentor by our side to help us with the tough parts of business. One on One with a business coach can also make the great aspects of your company even better. As a coach, one of my clients said, “If my business was a video game, you would be the cheat code to help me get to the next level faster!” When we play at a higher level our lives are more rewarding and much more fun.

90 Day Planning

Wouldn’t it be great to be 2 steps ahead of the competition? A 90 day plan will do just that. Most of your competition, other business owners and CEOs, enter the market blindly. They do not have a plan and often have no more than a foggy vision of what to do next. We have all met business owners who overreact to everything. Most just spend their day reacting to the events of the day and the demands that come with it. It takes planning to create the specific actions to take and the more we can see in the future the more proactive we can become. We may be able to see months and years into the future knowing exactly how to respond to what is coming at us.

Mastermind Master Class Training

Business owners and CEOs are like the vast majority of the people. We are hungry for connection and community. Mastermind Master Class Training will deliver this for you. Here you have an ongoing commitment to yourself and to others for support. Here, with the help of your peers, you are given the opportunity to integrate new concepts into your business for increased success. It is not about gathering more data to sit on your bookshelf, it is about actionable ideas to weave into your business every week and every month. Grow your comfort zone by stretching into your learning zone and applying what you have learned. Enjoy time with your peers where you tackle challenges and problems and learn to celebrate your wins.

Value Builder Program

How well is your business doing, really? Most business owners have an idea but don’t really know for sure. The Value Builder Program using the Value Builder Assessment will help you find out. We calculate how your business performed on the eight drivers that acquirers use to assess value. This is the opportunity in the future versus the risk associated with your business. We will also help you determine the levers needed to be pulled to drive that score higher. And, you will see how you perform against your industry peers. Once we take stock of the current state of your company we can help you improve its value over the next 3, 6 and 12 months. As soon as you build a business that is fun and easy to run and delivers the cash flow you and your family want you know you are ready for anything the future throws your way.


As you have built your company, you have probably gotten a bit attached to it. We may spend so much time consumed by our business we think nothing else matters. An important part of our lives that we forget to do along the way (since some of us are workaholics) is to build a fulfilling life outside our business. PREScore looks at our Personal Readiness to Exit. It analyses the four key drivers to see where you are now. Since about 75% of business owners regret selling their business one year later it makes sense for your life after to know the truth. One of the three drivers of a successful exit is your Personal Detachment. Simply, are you too wrapped up in your company? And, what can we do about it? We may need to work on this or the other 3 factors to make sure you don’t regret leaving your business and the full enjoyment of the days ahead.

Freedom Point

Do you now have the company you envisioned when you got into business in the first place? You may have dreamt of freedom to bask in the sun in a lounge chair. Did that happen? Maybe the company you have created hasn’t yet facilitated the freedom you thought it would. Being the boss does not always free you from needy employees or demanding customers or clients. Ultimately, freedom comes when you have created a pool of cash that can generate enough for your desired lifestyle. Part of that pool of cash may be sitting right in front of you, inside your business. Now, you might think that selling your business is far in the future. Maybe we should find out if our company is ready to provide us with enough money to do whatever we want, whenever we want. This is the current definition of wealth and it might be right there for the taking.

8 Drivers of Business Value

The truth is that all of us will leave our businesses as some point. For some it will be a well-planned event and for others it will be a reaction to circumstances (economic or personal) often out of our control. Since this is a given, we should do whatever we can to better our odds. We should “begin with the end in mind” and orchestrate our desired future. Will you and your business appeal to acquirers when the time comes? So let’s start with and know that we will have the result we want in the end. When we look at the 8 drivers of business value we analyze just that. Where are we now? How do we compete with others in our industry? How do we make our business more attractive? The 8 drivers of business value will show you the way.

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