Services ProvenGain offers in San Francisco, California include:

san francisco business coaching

1:1 business coaching

What is business coaching? Well, business coaches help business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals grow in many ways. They help you develop growth plans, focus on top priorities, and increase revenue and profit. All the while, helping you get your business to run without being so dependent on you. You ultimately become freer while making more money. The business coach does this by helping you play to your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. You will learn to take the less important tasks off your plate so that you can work ON your business rather than IN your business. You will learn the importance of strategy over tactics.

90 Day Planning

How do I stay ahead and in control when the world is passing by so fast? Planning is how. When you are feeling overwhelmed, a plan will set you free. A great 90 day plan, ready to execute will make your next steps crystal clear. A business plan and a 90 day plan are very different animals. When we started business we may have built a business plan. We probably thought it was the thing to do. We asked ourselves, doesn’t everyone start with a business plan? Often times, however, that plan gets put on a shelf and is never looked at again. This type of plan is essential for getting money from banks, angel investors and even venture capitalists but not the detailed road map needed for every day execution. A great 90 day plan may start with a bit of long term planning. Where would I like to be 5 to 10 years out (3 years and maybe even 1 year)? This is critical in starting the direction you will head. And then a more detailed, 90 day plan will fill in the high-level strategies for marketing, sales, delivery etc. and the sub-strategies and tactics needed to get there faster.

Mastermind Master Class Training

Research shows that people have a 65% chance of meeting their goals if they share and commit to them with another person. The American Society of Training and Development did the research. And there is more… 95% reach their goals when they have an accountability partner that they meet with on a regular basis. This is why mastermind groups are so effective in helping you achieve your goals. Entrepreneurs are typically a bit hard on themselves. Lots of intense high-level goals and so little time. We want to arrive now and live at our ‘ideal life’. Having a group of peers cheering you on can make the journey seem less arduous and much more fun. Time to get on the road.

Value Builder Program

When you want to build value in your company you are a Value Builder. You are someone who starts with the end in mind and works every day to reach you freedom point. That is the point in life where you and your business have delivered to you and your family, enough money to be completely free and have passive income for your ideal lifestyle.

A question you might ask is ‘where am I now?’ The Value Builder Assessment is where that analysis happens. We will look at the eight key drivers of business value and determine where you are now, how you rank compared to your peers, and the current value of your business. Once we know that, we will outline opportunities to improve your score and make your business more valuable. Let us help you reach the lifestyle of your dreams.


PREScore is about your Personal Readiness to Exit your business. The reason this matters is because research shows that 75% of business owners regret selling their business the year after they exit. The PREScore assessment looks at 4 drivers that indicate what you may want to consider and improve prior to leaving your company. The 4 items to look at are: Future Vision (why exit), Structured Flexibility (how in detail), Personal Detachment (life outside the business) and Team Involvement (what will happen to them). Once you understand how to improve these your chances for a happier time after the exit will greatly increase.

Freedom Point

In just about 10 minutes, you can know if you have reached your Freedom Point or if you have a bit to go. The Freedom Point is that point when you can pay for the next phase of your life. That time when you have left your business for other adventures. At this point your life has less risk, you can live worry free, and have become financially independent. You have arrived at the point where you can fully fund your entire future lifestyle. We can help you decide the best way to exit your business if that is your ultimate plan. Sell it all, part, or even if you should have an earn-out. All entrepreneurs are hardwired for freedom. How close are you to your Freedom Point?

8 Drivers of Business Value

When an acquirer looks at what your business is worth, they look at the eight drivers of business value. Those drivers are financial, growth, dependence on others, dependence on the owner, recurring revenue, how you get paid, customer satisfaction, and what makes you unique in the marketplace. Once you know where you are you can take the steps to improve. Improving your score will make your business more fun, more profitable, and less risky. Ultimately, that is what a suitor needs to complete the transaction to buy your business. A better company score in the 8 Drivers of Business Value will have more offers and better offers when it is time to exit.

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