Services ProvenGain offers in Moraga, California include:

moraga business coaching

1:1 business coaching

If you want your business to grow, be more profitable and to become a valuable asset, then business coaching is for you. As a trained generalist, a business coach will help you focus and set short and long term goals for your company. You will have more effective marketing, sales, and planning processes. A business coach will help you tease out the best decision for you and your business. You and your business will be healthier and more successful. One on one business coaching will help you with your mindset (who you are) and your actions (what you do) to get to your desired result (what you have) much faster. Your coach will help you test and measure your income and your expenses. Your business coach will show you tips and tricks to improve your present and your future.

90 Day Planning

Planning is critical whether your business is just starting out or if you are a 20 plus year business veteran. Even if you had a self-driving car you probably would not just hop in and say “take me wherever you would like today”. You would probably set your GPS to exactly where you want to go and pick the fastest or best route to get there. You 90 day plan is your operational guide for exactly where you would like your business to go in the next 90 days. Makes sense doesn’t it. Helps you determine how you will grow, run and systemize your business to make it the best possible. You will determine your top strategies for marketing, sales, delivery, executive and even personal achievement. Each strategy may have several sub-strategies and each sub-strategy has a series of tactics for you and your team to pull off. If you don’t know where you are going in the next 13 weeks you probably won’t get there.

Mastermind Master Class Training

About 20 percent of businesses fail in the first year and 50 percent fail within five years. But, as entrepreneurs we already know that business is hard. A Mastermind Master Class Training puts you with others so that you can borrow the strength of your network, other business owners. In the group you brainstorm all the serious issues and figure out better ways to solve them. Having a group of 10 plus brains noodling on your issue will yield myriad ways to make it through them. You have the support of the whole group. They offer ideas from their own experiences. These ideas will help pull through the tough times and accelerate you in the good times. And since the advice and experiences come from peers and not your spouse, your investors, your C-level or other employees. They can tell it like it is and you can respond in kind. These breakthroughs will increase your level of achievement.

Value Builder Program

While you are working IN your business every day, you might as well be working ON your business. One important ‘ON’ is creating an asset that has value to you (everyday better cash flow) and to an acquirer (great returns without too much risk). The Value Builder Program does just that. When you take your Value Builder Assessment, we asses where your company is now and what it will take to get to the end result you are looking for. The 28 page Value Builder Report will give you your score (0 to 100) and its relationship to your competition. If you are able to provide your EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization) number you will also get an Estimate of Value for your business. When a business scores 80 plus they receive offers 71% higher than the average company when it comes time to sell.


The PREScore assessment takes a look at your Personal Readiness to Exit your business. We will all exit our business at some point, one way or another. 75% of business owners regret leaving their business so, why not assess the push and pull on you to do so? Those business owners with a better plan and a future vision (what will you be doing after the exit) have much less regret when the time comes. This is the first area to look at. The second area is understanding how you would like to structure your exit. There are dozens if not hundreds of possible exits. Thinking about what is acceptable to you with enough flexibility will make you much happier post exit. Third, we need to look at how attached, personally, you are to the business. Do you have LIFE outside of your work? Let’s take a look and see if that is something to start working on. Lastly, is determining what will happen to your team post exit. You probably have built some lasting relations with your people over the years. What will the new business owner do? Will they stay or will they go? Let’s find out!

Freedom Point

What is freedom and as business owners and CEOs, when do we know? The new definition of wealth and freedom is: “I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.” If that were true would you feel free? One thing that might be holding you back is financial freedom. Let’s find out how close you are to your goal. When you started in business your business was not worth very much. Your effort over the years have added to that value. You probably have made some investments, stocks, bonds REITs and the like. You probably have a home or investment property, too. But over time, the value of your business has probably surpassed these other investments or at least become a bigger part of your portfolio. To find out if you have reached your Freedom Point we need to get your Freedom Score. Should take you only about 10 minutes. You may already be there. And, if you are past it, your business may be a bigger risk than you realize.

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