DanvilleThe Town of Danville is in the San Ramon Valley of Contra Costa County, California. Walnut Creek and Alamo are to the north and San Ramon is to the south. Since Danville is an unincorporated municipality they use the term ‘town’ in California. According to the 2020 census Danville has about 44,000 residents. Danville is noted for being selected at ‘the safest town in California’ for 4 years since 2018. Danville is often called the “Heart of the San Ramon Valley”.

The Iron Horse Regional Trail runs from Livermore to Concord and right through Danville. This trail is fun for biking and hiking as it sports controlled intersections. There are shows, art discussions and children’ theater at the local Village Theatre and Art Gallery.

The Town of Danville was originally a farming town until the Southern Pacific Railroad came to town in 1891. It became a residential suburb in 1947 and the first housing tracts were built primarily in the 1970s and 80s. Danville is about 18 square mile and was incorporated in 1982. Danville is a blend of small town charm and upscale living. Danville has a quaint character so close to the big city life of San Francisco, Oakland and nearby Walnut Creek. Great place to live and easy to get to high quality jobs.

Danville’s weather is of a Mediterranean climate. Long summers typically have hot days and cooler nights. Winter usually stays above freezing with day time temperatures in the 50s. Like the rest of San Francisco East Bay, summers are dry (often for months at a time) and winters are rainy with breaks in the rain for often weeks at a time.

Danville is one of the wealthiest suburbs of Oakland and San Francisco. It has some of the most expensive real estate and according to CNN, 78% of households have at least a 6 figure income.

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