walnut creek

Walnut Creek, California is a large city in Contra Costa County. It is located in the East Bay, adjacent to San Francisco and Oakland. Concord (a larger industrial city) is to its north and Alamo and Lafayette (much smaller bedroom communities) are to it south and west respectively.

Walnut Creek had a population of 70,667 residents as of 2018. It was incorporated on October 21st 1914. In 1917, it had a population was 77% white while African-Americans comprise 2% of the city’s population. There are other large ethnic groups in Walnut Creek including Latinos (9%) and Asians (15%). 63% of Walnut Creek’s residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Walnut Creek has an average of 2.18 persons per household and according to the 2017 survey the median income is $85,845.

According to the Contra Costa County Elections office, Walnut Creek has 46,149 registered voters as of February 10, 2018. 21,391 Democrats, 10,708 Republicans, 1,121 American Independents, 185 Green, 317 Libertarian, 59 Peace and Freedom and 12,147 refused to state.

Walnut Creek is incorporated and covers approximately 19.45 square miles. The elevation at about 131 feet above sea level. There are 33.564 total housing units comprised of 36% single family and 64% multi family. 46.2% of the population is male at 29,683 and 53% are female at 34,613. 16% of the population is under 18, 54% are between 18 and 64, and 29% are over 65 years old.

Walnut Creek has 22 city parks totaling over 250 acres and an awesome amount of open space totaling 2,704 acres.

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