End Run Protection

Protecting Against the End Run

A football defensive coordinator needs to protect against an “end run,” a tactical play where your opponent sends the running back wide around the offensive line to try to evade the oncoming tackle. Just like in football, you have to…

6 Ways to Overcome a Business Trauma

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing a terrifying event. Although not at the level of enduring a war zone, the events of March 2020 may leave you feeling similar symptoms. If you’re…
You rock

Why Bother Doing It The Hard Way?

Whether you want to sell your business next year or a decade from now, you will have two basic options for an external sale: the financial or the strategic buyer. The Financial Buyer The financial buyer is buying the rights to your future…


Doctors in the developing world measure their progress not by the aggregate number of children who die in childbirth but by the infant mortality rate, a ratio of the number of births to deaths. Similarly, baseball’s leadoff batters measure…
Done is better than perfect

Did you miss the perfect time to sell your business?

August was a rollercoaster ride for stockholders. Triple digits wins followed by even larger losses left the average investor reeling and were a good reminder that markets move in both directions. Valuations of privately heldp business have…
I can make you a gob of money

4 Steps To Finding Your Sell-By Date

Most business owners think selling their business is a sprint, but the reality is it takes a long time to sell a company.  The sound of the gun sends blood flowing as you leap forward out of the blocks. Within five seconds you’re…
Blood Pressure

A Blood Pressure Test for Your Business

When was the last time you had your blood pressure tested? Taking your blood pressure is one of the first things most doctors do before treating you for just about anything. How much pressure your blood is under as it courses through your…
dallas fire rescue

Why Fire Trucks Always Back In

Have you ever noticed that fire trucks always back into the fire hall?                                                                                                                                      …
mountain cordoroy

6 Little Things That Make a Big Difference to the Value of Your Company

With respect to the Olympic Games, it is interesting to reflect back on some of the big events of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. In the Men’s Downhill race at Whistler, for example, the winning time of 1:54:31 was posted by Didier…
You rock

Is Your Business You-Proof?

Whether you’re planning to sell your company sometime soon or sometime in the future; now is the time to ensure that your business isn’t all about you. From the latest Value Builder Score* research involving 2300 companies from around the…