Core Values Driving Growth: The $14 Million Journey of Sauceda Industries


Within the fiercely competitive third-party logistics (3PL) sector, Jay B Sauceda transformed Sauceda Industries into a standout business, ultimately achieving $14 million in sales before being acquired by

The secret to his success? Core values that became the catalyst for growth: “Yes, And,” “Explore More,” and “Give a Sh!t.”

Talent Acquisition

Sauceda’s breakthrough came with Howler Brothers, a digitally native provider of stylish and rugged outdoor gear whose leadership resonated with Sauceda’s core values.

These values weren’t mere slogans but integral components of job descriptions, ensuring that new hires aligned with the company ethos. “Yes, And” fostered constructive dialogue, “Explore More” encouraged initiative, and “Give a Sh!t” signaled a commitment to quality.

In the competitive landscape for hourly workers, Sauceda used job ads as both a magnet and a filter. His distinctive postings sought individuals who cared about their work, sought personal growth, and valued long-term commitment, setting Sauceda Industries apart from mundane competitors and attracting talent aligned with the dynamic company culture.

Employee Development and Metrics

New hires underwent training programs that introduced them to Sauceda’s values. Performance evaluations went beyond revenue metrics, considering how well employees embodied “Yes, And,” “Explore More,” and “Give a Sh!t.” Those who exemplified these values received recognition and rewards, with a dedicated Slack channel full of praise for team members living out the core values.

Creating a unique culture was pivotal for Sauceda, who emphasized, “Our values permeated our daily interactions, whether through employees going above and beyond for clients or in our collaborations.”

Client Partnerships

These core values extended to client interactions, serving as criteria for forging long-term partnerships. A prime example was Howler Brothers, whose alignment with Sauceda’s values set the stage for mutual success. Sauceda stressed, “When a client naturally aligns with our core values, collaboration is far more likely to be fruitful.”

A Valued Company

By leveraging this values-centric model, Sauceda Industries expanded from a 3,000-square-foot office in 2013 to a sprawling 126,000-square-foot facility with 150 employees by 2020. Sauceda attributed the company’s rapid, self-funded growth to its value-driven framework, asserting, “We bootstrapped all the way to the top.”

In the fiercely competitive 3PL landscape, Sauceda Industries didn’t just serve clients; it built relationships based on shared values. Through strategic recruitment, impactful training, and a vibrant work culture, these core values paved the way for a thriving business, achieving $14 million in sales before its acquisition by in 2021