Danger Thin Ice

The Hidden Danger of Cross-Selling

You've likely heard the adage that it is far easier to cross-sell an existing customer a new product than it is to find a new customer. And if your goal is to grow at all costs, then cross-selling makes sense.  However, all of that…
HP Printer

3 Ways to Flip Repeat Customers into Subscribers

Repeat business drives the value of your company, and you can categorize these sales into one of two buckets: Reoccurring revenue comes from customers who purchase from you sporadically. They’re satisfied with what you offer, and they…

What is a Business Coach?

A business coach is just like a sports coach. A sports coach pushes an athlete to achieve optimum performance, provides support when they are exhausted and teaches the athlete to execute plays that their competition does not anticipate. A sports…
Waste Management

How to Turn Repeat Customers into Subscribers

Many people mix up re-occurring and recurring revenue, but one is much more valuable than the other.  Re-occurring Revenue Re-occurring revenue comes from customers that have a re-occurring need for whatever you sell and buy from…
Slice of the Pie

4 Reasons Why It’s Better to Own a Big Chunk of a Small Company

Is it better to own a big chunk of a small business or a minority stake in a big company?  It’s one of the fundamental questions all owners must wrestle with. Owning a relatively small slice of a big pie has worked out well for both…
New Year Resolutions

10 Resolutions That Will Boost the Value of Your Company

Finally, 2020 is in the books.   Good riddance.  If your goal is to build a more valuable company in 2021, here are some New Year’s resolutions to consider: Stop chasing revenue. A bigger company is not necessarily…